Our custom game server is back online

We have wonderful news for all our readers! We are happy to announce that we have finally managed to solve issues with the custom game server and it's now back online and fully functioning. You and your friends can enjoy the enormous variety of game presets and even create your own. Our server offers unique features to all the PUBG players for free, all you need to do is to join the server and enjoy custom games with your friends.

Some of the unique features we are offering to the users:

  • Each player can create presets for his own custom game
  • The next game is chosen by majority of votes on the website
  • Games do not repeat each other (the next game can't be the previous one)
  • We take our own measures against cheaters and teamers
  • Server is functioning 24/7

If you are tired of routine PUBG ladder games we would be happy to see you on the server. See you in game!