Team Dignitas sings a new PUBG team

The well-known multigaming has signed a roster

Here's the Team Dignitas press release:

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) has taken the esports scene by storm. As one of the fastest growing competitive games, with record-breaking numbers, PUBG is just scratching the surface of what is to come. As Team Dignitas looks to stay on the forefront of esports, today we're proud to announce the addition of our PUBG team. 

The team is formed around in-game leader Peter "suntouch" Logan from the UK, a former professional SMITE player of four years that competed for Team Dignitas, along with SK Gaming and Cloud9. Most recently, suntouch started his streaming career with Team Dignitas. Along with his duo partner and incoming Team Dignitas member, UK player Florian "Liquidz" Bruyere, suntouch held Rank 1 on several occasions. Additionally, he and duo partner Liquidz simultaneously owned the Rank 1 & 2 positions in North America and Europe. Liquidz is a former professional SMITE console player who competed at the first SMITE World Championship, taking home 3rd-4th place. 

Also joining the team is Czech Republic player Martin "spajKK" Beneš. He competed in the PUBG GamesCom Invitational and was part of the only duo team to qualify for both the FPP and 3PP tournaments. He eventually placed 4th in the main event.

The team is rounded out by Asger "ZiphoN" Storgaard Høffner from Denmark. ZiphoN has accumulated a number of PUBG achievements over recent months, including Rank 4 EU Squads Season 3, Rank 2 Duos EU Season 4, multiple wins in PUBG Online (June, July, August) and first place in an Xpulz tournament.

In-game leader suntouch offered the following thoughts about the new squad: 

"I've been with Dignitas for almost 2 years now and it's a great pleasure to be representing them in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Since quitting competitive Smite in November last year, I have been itching to compete and train again. The team I have assembled is full of exciting players who all have potential to make this one of the best PUBG teams in the world. We will be training hard and looking to take home some trophies so please support us."

Team Dignitas President & founder, Michael "ODEE" O'Dell, who has been faithfully playing and exploring the PUBG scene throughout the past months, shared his excitement for the team and game's future: 

"We're excited to welcome back suntouch to a professional player role and are confident in the team he's formed to compete in PUBG. Their results thus far have been impressive and demonstrate great promise for the future. We at Team Dignitas have always looked to support cutting-edge esports titles with massive growth potential and are excited to do the same for PUBG." 

Team Dignitas PUBG will be competing in all available major competitions including Auzom Premier League for Squads, Curse Trials for duos and seeking a spot in the $200,000 IEM Oakland Invitational.

The Team Dignitas PUBG Roster Is:

Peter "suntouch" Logan
Florian "Liquidz" Bruyere
Martin "spajKK" Beneš
Asger "ZiphoN" Storgaard Høffner