Chernobyl easter eggs in PUBG

At least two real locations were transefered from Chernobyl to PUBG

Not many people know that some of the real Chernobyl settings are recreated in the game. In case you didn't know here are some facts about Chernobyl from wiki

Chernobyl (UkrainianЧорнобиль, also known as Chernobyl) is a city in northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus.

It was a major communications node and important center of trade and commerce, especially in the 19th century. The city is 14.5 kilometers (9 miles) south by south-east of the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant, which became known for the Chernobyl disaster. The plant exploded on 26 April 1986; clouds of radioactiveparticles were released, and the severely damaged containment vessel started leaking radioactive matter

 The first one is the Azure Swimming Pool which was transfered to the school

The Azure Swimming Pool (UkrainianБасейн ЛазурнийRussianБассейн Лазурный) is one of the indoor swimming pools in the abandoned city of PripyatUkraine, which was affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

The second one is radar station "Duga" which is located in Sosnovka military base

Duga (RussianДуга) was a Sovietover-the-horizon (OTH) radar system used as part of the Soviet anti-ballistic missile early-warning network. The system operated from July 1976 to December 1989. Two operational Duga radars were deployed, one near Chernobyl and Chernihiv in the Ukrainian SSR (present-day Ukraine), the other in eastern Siberia.

Probably the location with the dead forest near Mylta is also one of the easter eggs - the Red Forest

The Red Forest (Ukrainian: Рудий ліс, Rudyi lisRussian: Рыжий лес Ryzhy les, literally "ginger-color forest") is the 10-square-kilometre (4 sq mi) area surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant within the Exclusion Zone. The name "Red Forest" comes from the ginger-brown colour of the pine trees after they died following the absorption of high levels of radiation from the Chernobyl accident on 26 April 1986. In the post-disaster cleanup operations, the Red Forest was bulldozed and buried in "waste graveyards". The site of the Red Forest remains one of the most contaminated areas in the world today.