LGD Gaming return to Battlegrounds

Chinese eSports club LGD Gaming has officially announced its return to the professional PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS scene.
LGD Gaming has signed a new roster that includes YUPPIE, LuLualways, GaoXin and SuiX1ngKKK-. The team will be coached by DouMu.
LGD Gaming launched the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS division in 2017. In 2019, the organization disbanded the squad and left the discipline.

LGD Gaming new lineup:

  • Китай, China, CN YUPPIE
  • Китай, China, CN LuLualways
  • Китай, China, CN GaoXin
  • Китай, China, CN SuiX1ngKK-
  • Китай, China, CN DouMu