Soniqs took the lead in the Last Chance bracket at PGC 2023

The first game day of the Last Chance stage of the main tournament has ended 2023 PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS - PUBG Global Championship 2023. Today the participants played the first six matches (out of 12).

В As a result, Soniqs team took the first line of the standings. В top three at the moment also include Spacestation Gaming and NewHappy. Twisted Minds is on the 6th place, and Question Mark is on the 7th place. 7-м. The top eight teams will eventually advance to the grand finals, while the rest will will be eliminated from the competition.

PUBG Global Championship 2023 takes place from November 18 to December 3 in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The competition 32 teams from all regions of the world are taking part in the competition.